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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hit the picket line. live team coverage of the bart strike as ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. if you are waking up the bad news there is a bart strike this morning. the trains are not running and take a look at this line. this is the line for the ferry in alameda. because certainly a lot of people are getting up early this morning. planning for their day ahead. planning to try to get to work without bart and so a lot of people here comes the ferry right now. that is good news. but again people lining up early. we are out there in alameda. that is the live shot there. we are at the walnut creek bart station. we are all over the bay area to show you what the commute is like and we'll bring all of that to you in just a moment. it is friday october 18th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, everybody i'm brian flores in for dave clark.
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let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. steve. a lot of fog has come back. its mainly going north to south. not much of a push inland. fog near the coast. clear away. it will be mostly sunny at noon. nice to warm. a little cooler over by the beaches today. 40s low for some, warm for others. otherwise it will be sunny and expect for that fog which makes for a little bigger difference on some of the forecasted highs which have been really close. today there will be a little separation there. 60s and 70s coast and bay. here is sal. all right steve i want to mention that obviously the trains are not running and in case you are just joining us i received a lot of tweets. people asking for a little bit of advice and i will do what i
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can. go ahead and reach out to us on facebook and twitter. all of us are here to help you out and obviously watch our reports here. i want to show you we do have a look terror news chopper 2 at the ferry terminal in oakland. you just saw claudine is just across the bay at the alameda ferry term that where people are lining up. one of the ferries just showed up there. we have seen the golden gate ferry lend them some boats so they could get people into and out of san francisco. that will be the case at least for today. we will find out more about that. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. bay bridge backed up beyond the mccarthur maze. its backed up on 580 and 80 its backed up into emery vail. not as bad as it could be but a lot worse than normal. we are looking at contra costa county via the maps here. you can see highway slow as it always is. but 680 doesn't look that bad
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yet. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. topping our news at 6:00 the worst fears of 400,000 daily bart riders is now reality. you are taking a live look at the lake merritt bart station where bart worker are on strike once again. the entire transit system shut down for the second time in three months. and at this point no new talks are scheduled. trains stopped running early this morning leaving hundreds of thousands of bay area commuters scrambling for other ways to get to work. one bart union leader spoke if few hours ago. >> i've been doing this 25 years as a labor organizer. as a leader of a union. i have never seen a process like this. and i actually questioned the ability of grace and the district to understand how to get a collective bargaining agreement. >> both the unions and bart management agreedth two sides were close to an agreement on economic issues but the talks broke down over the transit
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agency calls for work rule changes. we have video of east bay bart workers walking off the job early this morning at the hayward train yard. a group grabbed picket lines and went on strike and raided supplies for more people to join them. of course many commuters woke up hours earlier than they normally would to try to catch a ferry. claudine wong is live in alameda where riders are already seeing long lines to try to get a seat. claudine. >> reporter: very long lines. i want you to take a look behind me. this line starting to move because the first boat is here for a 6:00 a.m. departure. when we got here, this line was just barely wrapping around the terminal. but as you can see now, we can't see the end of it. the reason people hoping to get in this line early enough is because the next boat doesn't actually arrive until looking at the schedule 6:45. if you don't get on a 6:00 a.m. boat, it will be a lot longer
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before you get into work. so as you can see right there everyone beginning to file on the first boat. there will be extra boats today to try to accommodate all the extra peoplely they are expecting. we talked to one man in line who said they got up extra early to be here. >> you have to get up an hour earlier. its getting home that is a problem. its getting out of the city and back. have you ever looked at the lines at the terminal at the end of -- down at the embarcadero. if you are not there by 2:30, you are out of luck going home. >> reporter: he had to do this same thing in july when bart went on strike. and so you are looking at video from what happened then. people know that it is going to be a very long commute and we found to be honest a lot of very grumpy people standing in line this morning, frustrated to get to work. how is the ferry ride different
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from their bart ride? taking a live look back here in alameda, it says it cost them twice as much. it takes the amount of time if you talk about the actual ride but when you talk about the wait in line and getting here and talk about the cost that is more and it does disrupt their schedule. hopefully all these folks will see the end of the line coming will get on this boat. again it will be another 45 minutes before the next boat arrives and that is what they want to avoid. >> parking lot is providing charter buss to help people get in and out of san francisco. i want to take you out to the walnut creek bart station. people started showing up hours ago to try to get a seat on the buses. because again just like the ferries a limited number of seats. the first shuttle bus left about an hour ago. passengers will be dropped off in san francisco near the
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transbay terminal. of course they have to find a way top get their to their actual office. return trips will leave from the terminal between 3:00 and 7:00 this evening. now the buses will run from each of the nine east bay locations on this map. during the commute hours. take a look. if the strike goes into the weekend, bart says it plans to run three buses to and from each of the same stations in the morning and in the evening. now we will be here for you all morning long to help you navigate through your commute. we have live pictures to let you know just how crowded it is getting. you can also go online any time of the day. we have a list of all the transit options. just look for the special section right on our front page. new this morning firefighters are looking into the cause of a fire that damaged two homes in east palo alto overnight. the fire started at 2:00 this morning at a home on lotus drive. two homes have significant fire and smoke damage. people who are inside smelled smoke and got out safely only
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to see their home go up in flames minutes later. >> we were in there watching television and laying around, relaxing. and then we smelled smoke. and more son and her daughter came and said mom get out. >> one firefighter suffered a minor injury fighting the fire. a double shooting on treasure island is under investigation this morning. police say they went to the scene on california at avenue d shortly after 11:30 last night. officers say they found one victim shot in the arm and that a second victim actually walked into san francisco general hospital to be treated. no word on any arrests or suspects. time is 6:08. big decision tied to the summers tragedy at sfo. what the district attorney will announce today involving the crash landing of asiana jet airline. and we are helping you prepare for the ac transit
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crunch. good morning. if you are driving on the bay bridge and trying to get into the bay bridge corridor, suddenly traffic is very busy on 80, on 24, and on 580. we will tell you more about the commute. its been a week of sunshine and warm temps for everybody including the coast. but today some changes by the coast because the fog is back. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. looking live at the ferry which is loading up with people this morning. commuters who many of them usually take bart. but many people have been worrying about for days now a reality. once again people finding a new way to get to wok. we are out there live. alameda, jack london square both of those ferry lines have been very, very long lines. we will show you that throughout the morning because trains stopped running early this morning leaving hundreds of thousands of bay area commuters scrambling for other ways to get to work. today's strike came after a marathon bargaining session that lasted nearly 30 hours but abruptly ended late yesterday afternoon both agree the two sides were close to an agreement but the talks broke down. now with bart not running many
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people who don't normally drive to work are climbing into their cars this morning. traffic sure to be heavier. especially on the bay area bridges. and tom is at the richmond san rafael bridge which is also under construction. >> reporter: yeah its very early in the morning. usually this bridge handles about 35,000 cars during the commute period. the simple situation is a lot of people may not go to work. later on this is likely to become very, very crowded because as people learn about how crowded the bay bridge is coming, this will become a safety valve for people coming out of pinole and up the 80 from there. it is interesting because the
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apologies happened hours before the strike did. >> i say to all of the riders and workers and all of the families because we ride bart too we are deeply sorry. >> reporter: sorry as they are, the reality is the strike is on. who knows how long it will last. but this is going to be one of the safety valves. the richmond-san rafael bridge. we will stand by here a little while longer. reporting live ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will check in with you a little bit. if you are getting into your car, you may want to consider car pooling. cal tran is expanding the car pool hours. some hov lanes are open until 7:00 tonight. they include i-80 from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge. 880 from san jose to the bay bridge. and 680 from 580 to the benicia
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bridge. now bart parking lots will also be open for free for car pool everies. the afternoon pick up spotlight is on spear street in san francisco. now here's some of the other ways cal trans is helping. crews will be conducting extra traffic monitoring on highways and incident response to clear any accidents. as fast as they can. they will be putting traffic updates in the electronic message sign. there will also be extra tow service on the bridges and extra trailer for more bay bridge bike shuttle service. time is 6:15. and a six-year-old boy is in critical condition after being hit by a car in menlo park. the 90-year-old driver jumped a curb and pinned boy and his twin brother against the wall against a walgreens. he accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the
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brake. one of the boys was rushed into surgery with critical injuries. the other boy's injuries are considered not as serious. a worker suffered injuries after trying to move a large rock. a crew in one truck was trying to slide the rock down an incline but the first luck lost traction and pinned the man between the rock and trucks. the san mateo county district attorney is expected to make a major announcement today in the investigation into the crash add sfo. the da office is set to announce whether it will charge a san francisco firefighter for a fatal accident in the minutes of last july's crash. investigators say 49-year-old firefighter e lease ran over and killed a plane crash survivor on the tarmac. time now 6:16. i'm looking at the tweets from people out there. and traffic is just starting to build up wherever you go. especially on the toll plaza.
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over to the maze. >> it is pretty slow. one of the things we have noticed is in the last half hour or so we have had a huge backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the toll plaza itself is backed up and you can see it there. this looks normal. from this view you can see its backed up to the maze. if i can bring in news chopper 2 i want to show you there is the toll plaza at the top of your screen. at the bomb is all the freeways leading to the toll plaza. 24 is slow right off the bat. now if you just want to wait for awhile, the traffic is moving but its going to be a lot slower than it normally is. 880 northbound is backing up on to the cypress freeway. give yourself extra time. there have been no crashes on the bridge but it will take you about double what it normally takes you. and in some cases longer than
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that. i recommend for you to use the car pool lane. those car pool lanes are looking good. let's move along and take a look at the rest of the bay area commute. let me take you through here and show you the road sensors. red means stop and go. you see a little bit of it. we talked about approaching the bay bridge. in the outlying areas -- in the outlaying areas things are slow. 80 westbound between richmond is slowing down. the full moon today will be at 5:37. under clear skies. however sfo reports a little bit of low clouds.
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for most its not an impact at all. but by the coast the fog has come back. its been missing here. it is definitely showing itself this morning. fog near the coast. sunny inland. coast and bay will cool down. the weekend fog or sun. nice to warm but it does look cooler by the coast. quiet next week until thursday. and then a little low will come in underneath the ridge. that will give us clouds cooler and maybe showers. we will see. we are due for a change. coast, fog returns. warm inland. temperatures upper 70s to near 80 degrees. storm track stays to the north. it looks like it will build farther north. it will be subtle changes inland. but a little cooler by the beaches and you can chechia. it was patchy fog yesterday but it has really filled in today. look at this snow is on the go. colorado into kansas. there you go. first little system of the season for those on the plains. that rain is turning into snow.
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39 novato. there was a westerly breeze in the city yesterday. inland temps that fog is too shallow. i've seen it around 600 to 1,000 feet it will not make much of an impact inland. cooler coast. upper 70s and low 80s. we are getting late in the season for fog. again its going more north to south than west east. it will be cooler for a few here. inland temps will stay steady as she goes. holiday shopping scheduled to get under way a little earlier this year. jc penny announced it will open its doors on thanksgiving night just like its rival macy's. last near the company did not open until 6:00 a.m.
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on black friday. of course a lot of steers opening at midnight on that night. jc penny bringing back its tradition it ditched last year. it will giving away two million holiday snow globes starting at 4:00 a.m.. i like the free bees. lining up. >> those are always nice. its something bay area commuters have dreaded for days and now it has happened. we will continue our live team coverage of the bart strike. i'm undocumented. i'm young. my mom is not with me. obama you promised.
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good morning. bart workers continue on strike, the backups to the bay bridge are very, very long. it is backed up on 24 all the way up into the rock ridge area of oakland. 80 is backed up as you drive out of el cerrito and town to the mccarthur maze. it all does converge getting into san francisco. there are no major delays on the bridge but just getting there will be a chore. we'll have another traffic update soon. a group of immigration advocates in san francisco blocked a bus filled with people on their way to be
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deported. protestors surrounded the bus last night outside the san francisco offices of immigration and customs enforcement. the protests blocked traffic at samsung and washington for two hours. protestors say its part of a national movement to pressure the president to stop deportations. >> first we need to stop the deportation and then he needs to come up with a legislation and immigration reform that works for everyone. >> its the first time a group has ever blocked a deportation block in the city. it ended when san francisco police escorted the protestors away. overall no arrests were made. president obama is expected to nominate jc johnson today as homeland secretary. he will fill the position left by janet know pal tan -- napolitano. he was central to the
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president's effort to reevaluate the counterterrorism efforts. now that u.s. government is back open, its the task of a newly formed budget committee to keep it that way. it only funds through january 15th and extends the debt ceiling until february 7th. members of the committee say they are optimistic. >> our goal is to do good for the american people. to get this debt under control. to do smart deficit reduction and do things that can grow the economy and get people back to work. >> ryan knows i will not vote for his budget. i know he's not going to vote for mine. we will find the common ground between our two budgets that we can both vote on. >> in addition to finishing the budget president obama is calling on congress to pass immigration reform legislation and a farm bill before the end of the year. some of the numbers are in.
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the government shut down cost the company that runs the alcatraz island system $3 million. like other national parks alcatraz was closed for 16 days. the company that runs the ferries had to fund 100,000 tickets and temporarily off 15 employees. inexcusable and neglect of duty. that is what the county state auditor is saying about a state home for veterans. the people running the home wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars building an adventure park and tavern. managers in sacramento halted the construction when they learned about the project back in 2010. the audit says the park and tavern contracts were prudent and violated state contracting requirements. it is definitely a bad way to end the workweek. bart workers are on strike again. >> i've been doing this 25 years as a labor organizer, as
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a leader of a union i have never seen a process like this. >> we will continue our live team coverage. and another long line forming at the walnut creek bart station. you can see commuters standing here waiting to board charter buss that will take them into san francisco this morning. we will tell you how early some people arrived here to get on board those buses. we are looking at all the freeways get to the bay bridge corridor they are very crowded.
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i'm looking at a very long list of stocks to watch today. a lot of companies coming in with better than expected earnings to name a few. general electric, morgan
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stanley, google, chipotle and amazon has been upgraded. i was going to look at the futures to see. it looks like a pretty good opening. a higher opening for the dow and nasdaq and s & p. thank you for joining us i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. talking about the bart strike this morning. but first let's look at the bright side. the weather. and steve paulson. [ laughter ] on the bright side. if you look cooler weather head on over to the coast there are year areas of fog there. coast and patchy bay fog. it will be clear away. cool to cold to mild. nice and sunny to mild to warm. definitely 40s and 30s for a few. but its much, much cooler in san francisco by eight degrees. yesterday 79 degrees. today we are going 68 degrees. a little more of a westerly
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breeze. some 30s and 40s mendocino and lake county. a couple days ago they were 63. you can see there are some changes. fog. a little patchy fog on the bay. we get more 60s and 70s by the water. upper 70s to low 80s inland. here is sal. good morning. right now traffic is going to be a lot busier than you normally see it trying to get into the bay bridge toll plaza. i do want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up as it normally is it. at least it looks like here. that picture does not tell the entire story. we have news chapper 2 above the oakland area. this is highway 24 extending as far up as the caldecott tunnel coming down to the 580 interchange. all this traffic this long line are cars trying to get on to 580 and ultimately on to the bay bridge. there is the bart station which
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normally you see a lot of activity. there is 580 at the bottom of your screen moving from right to left. you can see it is jam packed this morning trying to get into the city. about the only good news i can say we haven't had any problems on the actual bridge. once you make it into the bridge it will be okay. but it will take you awhile to get there. a lot of people have dealt with this last time in july. this is on 80 -- i'm going to tell you on 80 its also slow. i want to also mention some of the other traffic around the bay is different. in the south bay we don't have much effect at all. it is a light commute here. as we look at 580 and 288 we do have a little bit of slow traffic. southbound interstate 880 is backing up already. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you topping our news the worst fears of bay
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area commuters have come true. bart workers are on strike. shutting down the entire system for the second time in three months. trains stopped running leaving hundreds of thousands of bay area commuters scramming for other ways to get to work -- scrambling for other ways to get to work. alex savidge covering the charter buses going across the bay bridge. but we begin with tara moriarty who is covering the strike, the failed contract talks, and the picketers. >> reporter: we are 6.5 hours into this strike. we are at the lake merritt bart station. after six months of negotiations, and a cooling off period, still until deal. at 4:00 yesterday afternoon the federal mediator i merged -- emerged from cal tran with no talks. the union said bart presented the switch in a final minutes of talks. >> so basically what management did is produce in essence a
6:35 am
poison pill saying great we've made this amazing progress after six months. we have an economic frame work agreement but wait there is more to all the workers. >> reporter: the union said they wanted to take the issue to arbitration but bart wanted arbitration for the entire contract. now bart's board president made a last minute plea at 7:00 last night saying bart would be willing to up its last offer of $57 million. but union leaders say their phones never rang and no offer was presented to them. bart says it wants the union to put it to a vote. >> many commuters were forced to drive to work and the extra traffic caused big backups on bay area bridges.
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the bay area council which is a koalation of local business groups estimated for the 4.5 day strike it cost the economy $200 million in lost productivity. the group also says traffic delays put an estimated $16 million pounds of extra carbon dioxide into the air each day. bart has been training managers to run the trains in the event of a bart strike. ktvu news reported training was taking place at a warehouse. there are a dozen bart managers that are certified train operators. but its not clear where that plan stands now with the strike now a reality. bart has said managers running trains could only provide limited service across the bay. thousands of people are taking charter buses to get to work or school this morning. alex savidge is out at the walnut creek bart station where there have been long lines already this morning. how does it look? >> things are looking okay.
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they are getting these folks behind me on to the charter buses. a lot of commuters i can't believe they are going through this. eight charter buses have already left from here at the walnut creek station this morning. more are on the way. is what we are being told. hopefully more coming. some commuters taking a step back in time. this was a little while ago people got on board a 1950s city bus from sacramento. all morning long we have seen a big rush of people lining up before 4:00 this 4:00 this morning to make sure they get a seat. those buses will only be able to get about 6,000 commuters to where they need to go. so people obviously want to get here early. one man heading to work extra
6:38 am
early is aknowed. >> everyone has their right to do strike, argue. a lot of us get to work and get stuff done. feel a couple bumps and bruises and stuff like that. and just get to work. >> bart is offering free shuttle bus service from nine east bay stations this morning. along with walnut creek you can grab a ride from west oakland. concord. lafayette, dublin, pleasanton, san leandro, hayward and fremont. those buss are in high demand and only so many seats to go around. come back out here live to a live picture. people getting on the ninth bus of the morning. i don't think all the people in
6:39 am
line will get on this bus. the gentleman from bart who is in charge here and organizing things is calling for more buses. hopefully another one on the way here soon. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you plan to take the ferry today, expect a lot of company. claudine wong is out in alameda where we have seen people lining up very long lines out there. >> reporter: yes, they are. they are like an accord january they get really long and stretch around the block and then the boat shows up and magically the line gets belt -- gets better. judge from the last line we saw and how long this one was coming, we think it looks pretty good for them. there you see the ferry waiting to get everyone on board and get them across the bay to the bay city. the first boat this is the second one you are looking at.
6:40 am
left at 6:00 -- the skipper said i'm going to max this one out. about 180 people. they can push that a little bit. if you don't get on one boat, its 45 minutes for the next boat to get you across. the riders we talked to say it is more expensive to ride the ferry and they do have to get here earlier. earlier. you are very positive about the whole thing. >> i have to. that is how its supposed to be in life in. >> reporter: we it will -- those are folks who are walking
6:41 am
quickly, quickly trying to make sure they get on. again we are about the ones we have seen out here are of a capacity of 180. folks want to get across the bay. what they are really worried about is getting back home. they have seen from the last strike in july that the getting home getting to that san francisco terminal and getting in line there can be a nightmare. but at this point they have no choice than to just go. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> yeah a lot of unanswered questions this morning. >> i'm glad she mentioned that the one man said you have to be in line at 2:30 in 30 to get back home. with bart striking traffic is heavier on bay area bridges. we'll have a live report from the richmond san rafael bridge. we are live in oakland with
6:42 am
commuters who are using ac transit. we will tell you how the commute is going. and if you are driving toward the bay bridge, the main commute here trying to get into san francisco it is much more cruded than normal. a -- it will be cooler for some but how much?
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we hate to greet you this morning with the news but bart is on strike. we are live this morning where you can see the lake merritt bart station there picketers. the bart workers grabbed the signs early on after the talks broke down. train stopped running early this morning leaving hundreds of thousands of bay area commuters scrambling for others way to get to workers. and people who don't rely on bart they take their car they will be met with a lot of extra traffic. the strike came after a marathon bargaining that lasted 30 hours. both the unions and bart management agreed the two sides were close to an agreement on all the major economic issues but the talks broke down. there is a couple of sticking points again. looking live we are monitoring the bart stations.
6:46 am
the ferries and the buses for you this morning. now people bracing for that nightmare trip to work. there are early birds that are choosing to use ac transit. janine de la vega is joining us now from oakland to let us know how its looking out there. janine. >> reporter: we are here at 20th street and broadway and you can see this is the nl line. that is the normal bus that comes here every 30 minutes. it was full. but an extra bus the first extra bus was just sent here and it filled up with people. you can see there are ac transit supervisors and people helping commuters sort of navigate their way here. they do have a second bus on stand by. and this is all to help people get to their locations to san francisco for buses to come every 15 minutes instead of every 30 minutes. now let's go to footage we took earlier this morning. this is from early risers getting on ac transit. the transit agency will be using as many extra buses as it
6:47 am
can but there is not a lot of them sitting around. a spokesman told me they are doing this on the fly and deploy additional buses based on the demand. ac transit is using the largest buses for transbay services and increase the number of trips across the bay. one commuter explained what she has gone through so far. >> i'm really tired. i had to get up an hour and a half earlier just to be down here and try to get on the 800 and there were so many people here i didn't think i was going to get on the bus. so i came down here to get on the nl. >> reporter: staff will be again at the transbay terminal and bart stations to help direct passengers to their buses. everyone is encouraged to pay with a clipper card.
6:48 am
if you pay cash you need to bring exact fare because bus drivers are not going to make any change. be prepared for delays. they are doing the best they can out here. i also want to show you here a live picture. there is an alameda county sheriffs deputy here on the scene. he is here making sure nobody does any line jumping. apparently that happened when the last strike happened. so he wants to make sure that you know no sort of disruptions or fight breaks out. people are so anxious to get on the bus that they cut in line. but again we will monitor the situation out here to let you know how long people are waiting. as soon as the buss are leaving, people are coming here and waiting. not too much of a line right now because again two buses just left. reporting live from oakland janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. as sal has been telling us there are definitely more cars on the road than usual because of the bart strike and that means more traffic on bay area
6:49 am
bridges. tom vacar is live. how is the traffic out there? >> reporter: its starting to stack up. the reason being this particular bridge becomes a safety valve in a situation like this as cars come east on the 80 and they don't want to mess with the bay bridge. but they end up going on to this bridge and they really have to want to do this because you pay double. you pay to cross the richmond san rafael bridge. if you are going into the city, you pay as carrot -- you pay across the golden gate bridge. the unions of course know that this is all going to cause great public anger. >> i want the riders to know that we are so disappointed. we are really deeply disappointed this is the result. and we did everything we knew how to do. >> reporter: so that is the situation here at the richmond san rafael bridge. traffic stacking up. of course as it stacks up then
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it becomes slower on the bridge itself. later on we will go to the bridge to see how that is going. now to a traffic update from my colleague sal. you are right about not wanting to pay twice. and that is a natural deterrent for people to take that bridge. but some people just do it any way because they don't want to deal with the slow traffic at the bay bridge. they would rather pay the money and get a better commute and this is why. let me show you some of the toll plaza delay. we are start on highway 24. its already busy on 24 between walnut creek and oakland where a lot of people these drivers are normally on bart trains. when you get to the tunnel the backup to the bay bridge begin there is. coming on down the hill and getting on to highway 24. as a matter of fact, we've had very slow traffic the whole way there. and i do want to show you what i'm talking about here. let's move along and take a look. i think i have wrong thing
6:51 am
here. i do want to mention that 24 and 580 are slow. let's go to steve. thank you. we have a little change here today. coast fog and a little bank fog has made an appearance today. storm track stays to the north until the end of next week. a little low showing signs of coming underneath. you can see it filling in on the coast. there is snow on the go. yes from colorado to kansas. the first snow system of the season. for us 37 novato. san francisco by the way is 50. that is down nine from yesterday. 48 half-moon bay. a lot of 40s it feels cooler to
6:52 am
me. there is am noticeable difference in our lows. it will still be nice but you might be dealing with thick fog. this could be really thick stuff. with that in mind we have a 60s and 70s coast and bay. upper 70s and down a couple degrees. subtle changes today in the terms of cooler weather. police made an arrest in the murder of a federal criminal investigator from oakland. when that man accused of killing sandra coke could appear in court. plus the big impact the bart strikes could have on bay area businesses. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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welcome back everybody. this a live picture from the ac transit one of the ac transit stations in oakland this morning. we can see people there waiting. people leaving two or three hours earlier than expected. we've seen long lines not only on ac transit but the ferries as well. and also on the roadways. on the bridges as well. we are keeping an eye on things this morning. keeping an eye on the traffic as well as this bart strike continues. apparently the 60 day
6:56 am
cooling off period did not work. bart workers walking on the picket line once again. trains stopped running earlier mismorning. leaving hundreds of thousands of riders trying to find another way to work. today's strike came after a marathon session lasting 30 hours. it abruptly ended late yesterday afternoon. the two sides were close to an agreement on the economic issues but the talks broke down and the most important thing no new talks are scheduled. one person that wants to make sure this never happens again steve glazer. he will be out fathering signatures for -- gathering signatures for a petition to end strikes. he is asking commuters to sign a petition calling for legislation that would ban transit work workers from walking off the job ever again.
6:57 am
glazer is currently running for a seat in the state assembly. bay area business leaders say the strike could have a big impact on the bay area economy. they estimate a strike could cost up to $73 million a day in lost worker productivity. in a statement the council also called the strike quote a coo trace trophy that is unnecessary. 75 people have registered for help at emergency shelters. the four people hurt in the fire are out of the hospital. the cause of the fire is undetermined and likely accidental. man arrested in the murder of an oakland woman is scheduled to be arraign ed today. randy alana a registered sex offender was the last person seen with sandra coke.
6:58 am
her body was found five days later in vacaville. alana claims he and coke were planned to marry. coming up next on mornings on 2 bart workers on strike. that is our big story. also many bay area commuters are hoping to get on a ferry across the bay. we will continue our live team coverage. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. [ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ]
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we're live in oakland where b.a.r.t. trains are not running today. workers are striking. we'll tell you how union leaders are lashing out at management, and what happens from here. you are a commuter headache, you're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is back up for miles. we'll have a best look at your alternates this morning. and with b.a.r.t. out of o -- service this morning, commuters are being forced to take charter buses to get into san francisco, we'll tell you how much space there is available on these buses. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now.


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